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At Source Technologies, we provide retailers with solutions that help create an engaging shopping environment, assist associates with cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, track inventory, and print vendor checks securely. We’re a one-stop shop for many of the technology innovations that retailers rely on to help them get back to the business of retailing.

AP / Payroll

Learn about AP / Payroll solutions for retail.

Self-Service Bill Payment 

To effectively manage in-store consumer bill payments, many retailers utilize self-service kiosks to give their customers an easy way to pay their bills in person without having to wait in a long line for an employee to take their payment.  The retailers realize the benefit of automating this process, since their customer service and sales reps can focus on customer satisfaction and increased sales instead of manually processing bill payments. 

Our Self Service BillPay solution is designed specifically for businesses that want to offer this convenience to their customers.  The solution is fully customizable, and accepts cash, check, credit or debit payments.  Learn more on our BillPay Solution page.

Benefits for retailers and their customers:

  • Payments can be made with cash for unbanked or underbanked customers
  • Better service - customer doesn't have to wait in line
  • Multiple languages can be used on the kiosk
  • Enhanced employee productivity

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