Secure Hospitality Check Printing Solutions


In an industry characterized by high employee turnover and risks associated with cash handling that can lead to pilferage, hospitality providers look to Source Technologies for innovative solutions to help them address security challenges. Our secure check printers have been integral to the success of many hoteliers and restaurants.

For an industry that deals with regular staff turnover, secure check printers can reduce the risks associated with check fraud. Our secure print solutions eliminate the need for pre-printed check stock because all of the information needed on a check can be printed at one time in a single printer pass. If there is no pre-printed check stock, there is no threat of it being stolen. 

In addition, pre-printed forms inventory is expensive to purchase and maintain. Our hospitality customers often realize significant savings in paper costs alone.

Benefits for hospitality:

  • Ability to request all types of checks including AP, payroll and expense checks, on-demand in any location
  • Monitor check-printing activity at multiple locations from a central location
  • Fully automated control, reporting, and auditing over your check issuance process
  • Eliminate check fraud: on-demand checks eliminate the cost and risk of purchasing, handling, storing, and securing pre-printed check stock

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