Prescription Printing & Confidential Healthcare Printing Solutions


Secure Healthcare Printing Solutions

Our Source Technologies secure healthcare printing solutions reduce the risk of fraud, improve medical record security, and deliver information to patients and staff in a timely manner.

Prescription Printing

Prescription drugs account for the second-most commonly abused category of drugs, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). With U.S. prescription fraud costing  nearly $5 billion annually, state and local governments are beginning to play a more active role in reducing the risk of prescription fraud by passing legislation to deter counterfeiting and forgery. Source Technologies has been helping businesses fight fraud for more than 25 years using secure healthcare printing solutions. Our prescription printers are a natural fit to combat prescription fraud because the problem lies in the creation of fake prescriptions.

Our laser prescription printers incorporate physical and electronic protection features to increase the security inherent in the prescription printing process, including:

  • Physical locks to limit access to prescription paper
  • Software limitations to disable reprint capabilities
  • Passcodes for restricted access to the prescription-writing process 

These features and more than a dozen additional physical and data security features work together to virtually eliminate the risk of fraud. With additional security features utilized in prescription printing, it will be increasingly difficult for prescription fraud to occur.

Secure Document Printing

In the healthcare industry, “confidential” refers to any kind of time- or information-sensitive documents. Legislation, such as HIPAA, is designed to protect patient privacy and sensitive information, such as diagnoses, treatments, test results, medications and patient identification.

Access to these documents should be properly managed and controlled to reduce the risk of fraud, protect privacy and limit access to sensitive information. Source Technologies offers secure document printing solutions with more than a dozen ways to protect patients and caregivers when printing confidential information. Secure document printing features include:

  • Password-protected computer stations
  • Assigned access levels to printers for secure document printing
  • Encrypted patient data from the computer to the printer
  • Records of all printing activity using the Audit Trail feature

With a secure healthcare document printing solution from Source Technologies, your company can feel confident knowing that printing confidential documents is secure and protected. 

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