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Implementing our secure check printing solutions can significantly reduce your agency’s exposure to the risk of payment fraud. 

Printing Government Checks

We understand the challenges that come with shrinking budgets, fraud risk, data security and public scrutiny. As the nation’s largest “corporation,” government agencies spend a great deal of time and money issuing checks such as AP, payroll, social security disbursements, and welfare payments. 

Our solutions help government agencies inject security, automation and efficiency throughout their processes. When departments in the public sector implement our secure check printing solutions, there is a significant reduction in costs and exposure to the risk of payments fraud. 

Source Technologies’ check printing solutions combine our CheckPartner Enterprise check printing software and our secure MICR check printers. Together they provide a cost-effective, secure way to print MICR checks and other sensitive documents on demand, while maintaining centralized control over the whole the process. And secure MICR laser printers provide you with cutting edge security features that will save you money in labor, fixed operating costs, and fraud losses.

Benefits for government agencies:

  • Remotely request all types of checks (AP, payroll, social security, welfare) on-demand in every location you have while maintaining centralized control and visibility
  • Reduce time and money spent processing and reconciling official checks, reviewing logs and tracing missing items
  • Fully automate control, reporting, and auditing over your check printing process
  • Eliminate official check fraud: our solution eliminates the cost and risk of purchasing, handling, storing, and securing pre-printed check stock
  • Eliminate delays in receiving issued checks as well as courier costs

WIC Secure Printing

Women, Infant and Children (WIC) is a government program which provides critical nutrition assistance to millions of moms and their children. For over ten years, Source Technologies has been helping WIC deliver these essential benefit checks. Our check printing solution makes it easier to provide these vital services while giving WIC professionals more time to focus on the specialized quality of care synonymous with the WIC program.

With secure MICR laser printers from Source Technologies, printing checks and vouchers on-demand is fast, easy and secure. Our printers offer incomparable security, control and print quality while eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed forms.

Benefits for WIC agencies:

  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed voucher stock - reduce the expenses and security issues associated with pre-printed forms
  • Reduce bank rejects by using high-quality MICR toner
  • Print checks and vouchers on-demand in any location
  • Eradicate re-syncing pre-printed forms – no more mis-matches
  • Automate manual processes - distribution, issuance, logging, reconciling and auditing
  • Design vouchers "on the fly"
  • Password protected access and functional control by user

Printing Vital Records

Because government agencies are responsible for printing vital records such as certificates for births, deaths, marriages, and divorces, they face a great deal of fraud risk, especially identity theft. Many agencies are using software that helps eliminate the creation of false records, but still use unsecured processes to print these records, opening the door to form pilfering, information theft, and fraud.

Source Technologies’ solution combines CheckPartner Enterprise secure document software and our secure laser printers to provide the ultimate protection when printing vital documents. You also realize dramatic cost and time savings because you’re automating an otherwise manual process, allowing agencies to enhance customer service with greater security.

CheckPartner Enterprise software is remarkably easy to use. It can accept data from any system (including ERP systems) merge it with the appropriate form, then route and print the certificate to the appropriate location and printer. Because no modification is required to the host system’s print data stream, CheckPartner Enterprise can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.

Our secure printers are engineered specifically for printing time- and information-sensitive documents. We built in extensive firmware security features such as front-panel password protection and copy count/jam recovery control, and physical security features such as locking trays and specialized secure fonts. Secure printers give you exceptional control over critical business processes with enterprise-wide visibility.

When CheckPartner Enterprise and secure printers are used together, encrypted information flows from the requestor’s PC to the printer—with electronic serial number and IP address confirmation—and back. This closed loop communication between hardware and software is unique to Source Technologies, and makes our solution the most secure system available for vital records disbursement.

Benefits to government agencies:

  • Offers complete security - data is encrypted through the entire process with bi-directional confirmation that reinforces security and tracking
  • Automates the process for printing of all types of sensitive documents, including vital records, reports, and other forms
  • Decreases manual effort and time needed to disburse vital records, increasing face-time between staff and customers
  • Provides fully automated control, reporting and auditing to reduce non-value added activity for front-office, back-office, and auditing functions
  • Eliminates the cost and risk associated with purchasing, handling, storing, and securing pre-printed forms – print any form or record in real-time using blank stock

The vital records issuance solution ensures that documents print where and when they should. This virtually eliminates information pilfering and other types of fraud while simultaneously cutting costs and improving customer service.

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