Source Technologies Announces Touchless Self-Service Technology

Helping customers use frictionless transactions to improve safety and convenience 

Charlotte, NC— May 6, 2020, Today Source Technologies announced its latest self-service kiosk technology, “Touchless Self-Service”, allowing customers utilizing its kiosks to identify and/or authenticate themselves to a bank or retail companies. In addition, the technology allows a customer to queue transactions from their home or office and drop by any bank or retailer to instantly remove cash, receive a cashier’s check, or various other physical documents. 

“‘Touchless Self-Service’ allows our banking and retail partners to provide their customers a frictionless transaction when it comes to money withdrawal, check cashing, official checks, deposits, and many more transactions that cannot be completed online,” said Tim Baker, CTO at Source Technologies.

Positive Customer Impact

With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, the new touchless self-service application is perfect for those companies wanting to transition to more frictionless transactions. The technology allows a customer to approach the kiosk, and by simply holding up their smartphone the customer is instantly authenticated to the system and the self-service application pulls up any queued transactions which can be completed from their phone.

Product Availability

This product is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Source Technologies’ commitment to delivering the latest in self-service software and hardware technologies. 

Founded in 1986, Source Technologies is a national leader in self-service solutions. The company offers a wide range of kiosk hardware and applications including bill pay, teller transaction automation, and other financial-based requirements.


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