Secure Prescription Printing & Fraud Prevention for Healthcare Applications


Preventing Healthcare Fraud with Secure Prescription Printing

The interlocking of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries create one of the largest verticals in America. In 2013 alone, approximately 4.2 billion prescriptions were issued to U.S. patients1. Unfortunately, fraudulent prescription activity costs almost $5 billion every year, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). To help combat counterfeit healthcare acts, hospitals and clinics have utilized the benefits offered by secure prescription printing software and MICR printers. 

Prescription Protection at the Point of Printing 

The root issue of prescription fraud comes from using fake prescriptions to obtain medicines. Secure prescription printing options keep prescription forgery attempts at bay by providing additional layers of security. Physical security such as lock and key ensure only authorized users have access to prescription printing paper. This reduces the chance for both theft and employee tampering. Personalized printer features such as PCL settings support customizable production rules that only print a certain number of prescription labels at a time, ensuring heightened production security and stricter prescription label printing guidelines. 

Secure prescription printing software also delivers increased security measures via:

  • Increased compliance with federal law
  • Limitations on who is able to print prescriptions via clearance credentials
  • Prescription printing audit logs for simple tracking capabilities

On-Demand Prescription Pads Control Healthcare Printing Volume  

Aside from prescription label printing technologies that help prevent fraud, secure prescription pad paper and MICR printer solutions offer protection at the initial point of medication issuance. Specialized MICR printer security features offer American physician offices and hospitals prescription pad paper numerous levels of fraud and forgery prevention, including: 

  • Chemical reactant paper properties 
  • Microprint text on the signature line 
  • Reverse Rx markings
  • Artificial watermarks 
  • Anti-erasure toner adhesion coatings
  • “VOID” pantograph backgrounds
  • Batch and sequential number inclusion 

These MICR printer-friendly paper materials can be printed at the point of need, so blank, “live” prescriptions cannot be forged as easily.

Working to Protect Confidentiality

From prescription pads to general healthcare document printing, local and state governments continue to implement improved secure prescription printing methods that protect patient confidentiality and ensure proper medicinal practices are being followed. By deploying secure MICR printers, multi-level secured prescription paper and protective, HIPAA-compliant confidentiality software, healthcare atmospheres throughout the nation will be able to better deter invasive prescription fraud.

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