Watch: In-House MICR Check Printer Solution Saves Money & Time for Banks

Walk through a day in the life of a teller issuing cashier’s checks using pre-printed ...

How Personal Teller Machines Transform Service in the Branch

There are five channels that consumers use to interact with their financial institutions: mobile, online, ...

Customized Starter Checks Increase Bank Revenue

What is a starter check? When customers open a new bank account, they are given ...

Video Teller vs. Personal Teller Machine

A Simple Self-Service Kiosk Experience When was the last time you were completing a transaction ...

The Branch Business Case for a Secure MICR Solution

When we speak to financial institutions about issuing official checks in the branch, we often ...

Improve the Accounts Payable Process: Switch to MICR Check Printers

Accounts Payable is a critical function of every business, and it’s important that invoices are ...

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