MICR Basics: How MICR Check Printers Work

Even with all the sophisticated payment methods available today, paper checks are still a popular ...

Pre-Printed Checks vs. Blank Check Stock – Why Should I Use Blank Check Stock for Check Printing?

Why should you use blank check stock instead of pre-printed checks for check printing? A MICR ...

5 Ways a MICR Solution Improves Printing Payroll Checks

At Source Technologies, we developed CheckPartner Enterprise software and combined it with our secure MICR check printers ...

What is Your Teller Channel Strategy for Branch Transformation?

As financial institutions of all kinds research branch transformation, most agree that the branch must ...

Watch: MICR Check Printers Prepped for Shipping

Watch as our Integration team preps Source Technologies’ secure MICR check printers for shipment. Our ...

How the Personal Teller Machine Fits into the Omni-Channel Strategy

The Need for the Personal Teller Machine There are 5 ways that customers interact with ...

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