MICR Check Printer Errors & Support: 5 Common Issues & How to Fix Them

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1. Paper jams and multiple sheets being fed at a time because the check stock hasn’t been properly separated

The best way to separate blank check stock and reduce MICR check printer paper jams is to fan it out, and there are different ways to do it. Most of our customers simply hold one end of the stack of paper and flip through the pages, then do the same at the other end. Another way is to take the stack of check stock, hold it loosely by the short ends with the long edge resting on a surface, bend the ends toward you like an upside down “U”, pinch the short ends tightly, then straighten out the paper again, which does a pretty good job of separating the paper in the middle. Then, twist your hands in opposite directions from each other and it will roll the separation out toward the ends. Then insert the paper into the tray. Following these steps should minimize the chances of MICR check printer errors such as paper james and streamline daily paper-feeding operation.

2. MICR check printer errors: message 242.09 or 243.09

If one of these printer errors appears on the display, it means the right side guide in the paper tray is not set tightly enough against the check stock in the tray. Manually adjust the guide to ensure it is set tightly against the check stock. This should resolve your MICR check printer errors.

3. Paper misfeed – dirty pick tires (rollers)

Misfeeds happen when the printer tries to pull a sheet of check stock from the tray but can’t. Most of the time, it’s because the pick tires (rollers) that feed the check stock are contaminated with paper dust or toner. Clean the rollers with an alcohol pad by wiping them off as you turn them. (NOTE: If fanning the check stock as described in #1 above and cleaning the pick tires does not solve the problem, the printer most likely needs to be serviced. Contact Source Technologies’ Tech Support  to arrange for service.) 

4. Printer models ST9512, ST9612, ST9620 only: misfeeds or false “Load Paper” paper jam/error messages

If this happens on these printer models, it’s because the backstop for the paper length is not set to the proper location for the paper being used. If the backstop is adjusted too far back, away from the proper page size, the paper can take longer to get to the input sensor, which makes the printer think the paper is out or not fed at all. If the backstop is too far forward, you get multiple-sheet feeds and paper jams. Manually adjust the backstop to the accurate paper length for the check stock being used.

5. Paper curl when the paper exits the printer

This is usually not a printer issue, but a problem with the moisture content of the check stock paper. It’s important to properly store your blank check stock by keeping it wrapped in its original packaging until it’s ready to be used. In humid areas, any unused check stock should be stored in a plastic container with a lid to keep extra moisture from getting into the paper. 

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This blog was coauthored by Kevin Vanover. 

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