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Branch Transformation and the Data Differentiator

Globally, organizations are embracing digital transformation at an increasing rate. In part because of the proven benefits it offers that early adopters tout, but mostly because digitizing every part of our businesses has become the new standard. From a parochial view, when our industry peers and competitors are moving to digitize their entire businesses, transforming […]

BAI Retail Delivery Became BAI Beacon 2016

Our team at Source Technologies just returned from the BAI Beacon 2016 conference in Chicago. Known for years as the Retail Delivery Show, BAI changed the format this year to introduce content in a more rapid-fire environment, with multiple sessions happening simultaneously in one large room.

User-Friendly Self-Service Kiosk Features

Financial institutions are adopting self-service kiosks such as Source Technologies’ Personal Teller Machine, to enhance their overall customer experience. The Personal Teller Machine allows customers to complete routine transactions without assistance from a teller.

Self-Service Banking: The Branch User Experience

With the evolution of consumer banking rapidly progressing, consumers not only appreciate, but expect a seamless user experience. Financial institutions that offer self-service banking solutions, such as Source Technologies’ Personal Teller Machine, allow customers to automate routine transactions.


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