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How Big a Problem is Check Fraud?

How Big a Problem is Check Fraud?

We look to the 2018 AFP Payments and Fraud Survey report for the most recent facts on check fraud. Take a look at a few relevant data points about check fraud from this report: Checks and wire transfers are primary fraud targets Managing check fraud is a top issue for businesses combating payment fraud 74 […]

A Branch Transformation Initiative That Increases Fee Income, Reduces Cost, Delivers Fast ROI

A Branch Transformation Initiative That Increases Fee Income, Reduces Cost, Delivers Fast ROI

The implications for increased revenues, profits, and convenience-oriented services with digital are dramatic. A primary example for retail banking stakeholders is the opportunities delivered by transforming the manual processes for issuing checks in the branch. This is a small project within the whole branch transformation movement that delivers big returns in all areas retail bankers […]

Modern MICR Basics: How MICR Check Printers Work

Modern MICR Basics: How MICR Check Printers Work

Even with all the sophisticated payment methods available today, paper checks are still a popular method for making payments, especially in business-to-business (B2B) transactions. If you are printing checks, it is still a Federal Reserve (ANSI) standard that the MICR line on checks is printed in MICR toner and is present at the bottom.

Watch: MICR Check Printers Prepped for Shipping

Watch as our Integration team preps Source Technologies’ secure MICR check printers for shipment. Our MICR check printers eliminate the need to purchase, maintain, store and distribute pre-printed check stock because we print the static and variable data on blank check stock in a single printer pass. We add 15 distinct security features to our printers to help our customers reduce their exposure to check fraud, and we offer a MICR Guarantee to back our solution.

The Branch Business Case for a Secure MICR Solution

When we speak to financial institutions about issuing official checks in the branch, we often find that their current process is a manual one, involving pre-printed checks and a laser printer, dot matrix printer, or even a typewriter, believe it or not!. Sometimes the financial institution struggles to see the ROI in changing their process to an automated, secure MICR solution, since it involves an investment of capital to purchase the MICR hardware and software. However, a secure MICR solution actually saves money, and most of our customers see a solid ROI in less than two years.

The Future of Check Payments: Secure Check Printing Solutions

According to the Federal Reserve’s 2013 Payment Study, overall check payments have declined over the past 10 years. While check payment decline isn’t breaking news or surprising for most people, it’s compelling to look at check payment usage among the growing number of payment options available today. So, the question remains, what does the futurehold for the humble paper check?

On-Demand Check Printing for All Different Types of Checks

On-Demand Check Printing for All Different Types of Checks On-Demand Check Printing

Of all the teller tasks in a bank branch, the most painful and time consuming is manual check issuance. Cashier’s checks or money orders can be particularly cumbersome, but issuing any negotiable document in a branch is fraught with expense and risk if you aren’t using an automated check-issuance solution including secure MICR printers and check-printing software.

Best Check Printing Software Solutions

Many businesses and bank branches incorporate automation to help their businesses run more efficiently and to provide their customers with optimal service. For businesses that require the ability to print checks safely and efficiently for their day-to-day operations, secure MICR check printing software is a key consideration.

Top 5 Risks of Check Fraud

Top 5 Risks of Check Fraud check fraud

With 75% of all B2B payments made by check,1 the risks of check fraud should be a concern for all B2B organizations accepting and sending payments. By engineering distinct security features for printers, Source Technologies has designed secure print solutions for B2Bs to minimize their risk of check fraud.

Government Secure Print Solutions

As the nation’s biggest “company,” the government faces ongoing budget challenges, fraud risk, and the never-ending task of protecting data. Various government agencies still rely heavily on issuing checks for payroll, accounts payable, welfare and social security payments. When these government agencies utilize a secure check printing solution, their costs and security risks are significantly reduced.

Print Temporary Checks with the Personal Teller Machine

Print Temporary Checks with the Personal Teller Machine Temporary Checks

According to Gallop, 80% of new bank accounts are still opened in a branch instead of online or over the phone. With each new account opened, the financial institution typically issues a set of pre-printed temporary checks for the customer to use while their personalized checks are ordered and shipped.

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