Blank Check Paper Investments for Bank Branch Cost Savings

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Bank branches typically utilize numerous kinds of checks for a variety of application-specific needs. From official checks for guaranteed fund transfers to trust department needs, blank check paper, secure MICR printers and CheckPartner EnterpriseTM (CPE) software enables secure bank check solutions that conserve branch capital and boost security.   

Blank Check Stock Paper: Reduced Waste, Increased Protection

Easily integrated into bank branches, CPE software and secure MICR printers virtually eliminate the risk of check fraud via fast, on-demand and secure check printing, which utilizes blank check paper instead of risky pre-printed checks. Having the ability to print the required MICR line along with all other check data in a single printer pass means you no longer need to use pre-printed checks, and your check paper costs are reduced by as much as 80%.

Banking staff can quickly utilize MICR printing technologies for applications such as loans, mortgages, investment banking and new account startup kits.

From New Accounts to Investment Banking Documents

Today, the vast majority of new bank accounts are still opened in bank branches. Having the capability to present novice account holders with personalized, on-the-spot starter checks creates immediate customer trust, ensuring a positive start to your new relationship with the account holder. These custom starter checks can be created for a fee, creating a new revenue stream for the bank. Eliminating the traditional wait time for pre-printed checks to be processed and mailed from a distribution center improves customer service and enables faster new account holder activity.

Blank check stock paper and MICR printers streamline mortgage closings and loan check processing as well. Checks and official documents can be printed via different-sized blank check paper and tracked with CPE software for full reporting. Bank branches are able to eradicate fraudulent wire transfer risks by printing on blank check paper for on-site, real time loan funding. Check issuance for housing loans is efficiently incorporated with bank branch loan processing methodologies, resulting in reduced paperwork, less process steps and simpler transaction auditing.

With MICR printing hardware and software technologies, bank branch trust departments can easily print on virtually any check type. This includes on-site production of interest, dividend and distribution checks. To minimize human error, trust departments can enable automatic check issuance control and auditing for a smoother investment banking process at a central location, which enables complete check printing monitoring. These best-of-breed features support faster throughput, enable better audit trail accuracy and increase customer satisfaction rates.


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