Corporate History

Founded in 1986, Source Technologies began with a modest focus, to provide custom printing solutions for businesses.  Initially, these printing solutions included custom interfaces, barcode solutions and virtually any specialized print technology needed to solve a particular customer challenge. Since then, our focus has expanded considerably to include an array of solutions designed to meet the needs of our ever-expanding customer base. 

In early 1996, Source Technologies formed an alliance with Lexmark to become their exclusive provider of MICR laser printers. Since then, our team of engineers and software development specialists have developed a line of disbursement- automation software tightly integrated with our secure MICR printers.

In the early 90s, we developed some of the first self-service kiosks for managing customer-facing financial transactions. Today our 6-Series BillPay kiosk solution gives telecom, cable companies and utility providers an easy, cost-effective way to accept bill payments in the store.  

In 2002 we developed a Teller Assist kiosk for the retail banking industry, the very first in-branch, assisted self-service kiosk.  Today our 8-Series Personal Teller Machine supports the Universal Banker concept in that it allows customers to conduct 90% of the transactions traditionally handled by a teller, freeing up bank staff to focus on sales and service.  The Personal Teller Machine is the only self-service banking kiosk to offer the number of transactions it does with a footprint of just over 1 sq. ft. 

Source Technologies is successful because we listen to our customers and understand their desire to do business in the most inspired way possible. We combine this idealism with advanced technology and the ability to innovate with speed, rapidly bringing new ideas to fruition. We then deliver these solutions with world-class quality and dependability, providing our customers with ongoing economic value and significant competitive advantages. 

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